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Welcome to Brampton ACCCC
By The Editors
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THE CALENDAR OF EVENTS contains a few known dates for the 2019 year. The Calendar will be updated with additional events following the Club meeting in January.

The Calendar of Events for Brampton ACCCC is available in 2 formats (1) list format - See "Events" tab above and (2) calendar format - click on highlighted dates on the calendar on the left hand side of this page and then click on the event name below the calendar to see the details.  

Welcome to the Brampton ACCCC web-site!  Our objective is to provide information about our club that is of interest to our membership, our ACCCC family, and those interested in learning more about our club.  The information you will find here is:

  1. Who We Are and What We Do (below)
  2. The History of our Club (below)
  3. 2017 Executives, Directors & Key Contacts (below)

We welcome any and all contributions, especially pictures and other memories of Brampton ACCCC club events.

A detailed description of ongoing club news and events is contained in our Brampton ACCCC Newsletter.  This newsletter is made available to our members each month and therefore we have not duplicated it here. If you would like to know more about our club, please contact Membership Secretary Ted Jeffery at 905-457-3584 or the Editors at the contact information below.

Thank you for your interest in our club!

Bob & Suzanne McGugan - Brampton ACCCC Newsletter & Web-site Editors bmcgugan@rogers.com  905-453-5495

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Brampton ACCCC - Who We Are & What We Do
By The Editors
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About The Antique & Classic Car Club of Canada (ACCCC) Brampton Region

Brampton ACCCC is one of 13 Regions of the Antique and Classic Car Club of Canada (A.C.C.C.C.).  The national web-site is www.acccc.caThe purpose of ACCCC is to further the interest and knowledge of historic, antique and classic vehicles and associated material and to encourage the ownership, restoration and preservation of such vehicles. It is not a prerequisite of the club that you own a vehicle to become a member.  The membership fee is $50.00 per year.

Brampton ACCCC welcomes members from the Brampton and Mississauga, Ontario areas.  During the "Driving Season", the Brampton ACCCC club and members organize and participate in several car-oriented activities including Brampton Downtown Classic Car Celebration, weekly "Cruise Nights" at Shoppers World in Brampton, "Touring Inspections" (all cars participating in club events must meet club safety standards), several visits to Senior, Retirement and Assisted Living Residences, and a major "Fall Tour".  We also participate in events hosted by ACCCC National.

During the "Off-Season", the club holds monthly "Indoor Meetings" with guest speakers, monthly breakfast meetings, and other group events such as a Games and Pizza Night for members and a Christmas party where toys are collected for distribution to the less fortunate.  Details of all of our Driving and Off-Season events are available on the "Events" tab at the top of this page.

Brampton ACCCC is a club built on friendship and our cars are the glue that holds us together.  As we say, "Come for the cars, stay for the friendship."

If you are interested in joining Brampton ACCCC, contact Membership Secretary Ted Jeffery by phone at 905 457-3584 or by email at ted27@sympatico.ca

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History of Brampton ACCCC
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History of Brampton ACCCC

The Brampton Region of ACCCC was formed in June 1985.  Rod Richards who had moved from Mississauga, was the founding President and served until the end of 1987.  Rod phoned a number of car enthusiasts to see if they would like to form this new region.  They were Doug Howard, Dave and Claire Farrow, Ed Thorton, Don(Vice President) and Marion(Secretary) Partrick, Rod(President) and Barb Richards, Bev(Treasurer) and Marion Genoe, Ted(Membership) and Jackie Jeffery.

We started by holding our meetings in the homes of individual members.  After many years the membership grew, so a new location had to be found and we met in a meeting room below a restaurant.  We stayed there for three years and decided to look for a place brighter and more comfortable.  We now meet at the meeting room of the Brampton Minor Hockey Assoc.  For the use of this room, the club sponsors one of the minor hockey teams each year.

The Brampton Region has hosted the A.G.M. three times, the Tour to Yesteryear four times and the National Picnic once.

The Brampton Region started weekly cruise nights in 1987 at Burger King on Queen St. East.  This location became too small so we moved further East on Queen St. to Restaurant row. By this time the Brampton Street Rod Club was formed and we joined together to run the cruise night.  It was decided to change location again to KingsPoint Plaza for a larger location on Main St. North.  After three years, this also became too small so we moved again to Shoppers World Mall on 499 Main St. South, where we still meet every Tuesday from the first week in June to the second week in September.  Each cruise night we have a 50/50 draw and to date, we have donated over $25,000.00 to the local Hospital.

The Brampton Region also holds a special cruise night in the last week of August to collect toys for “Toys for Tots” which is sponsored by the local Peel Regional Police. At the annual Brampton Region Christmas Party our members bring new unwrapped gifts for children between eight and twelve years of age in the local area to help the Salvation Army Christmas Drive.

The Club also visits several different Retirement/Senior/Assisted Living homes each summer.

In December of 2006, the Mississauga Region voted to close the door on their Region and a great number of members joined the Brampton Region which has helped to make it a fun Region.

The following is a list of those who served as President ---

Rod Richards---Don Partrick---Bill Burkett---Bob Gasson---Bob Robinson---Betty Dodd---Dave Farrow---Bill Ash---Ted Jeffrey---John Luscombe --- Mary Tarsitano

The following are founding members and still belong to Brampton Region---

Ted and Jackie Jeffery--- Bev and Marion Genoe

Submitted by Ted Jeffery, and approved at a regular Brampton Region meeting.

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Executive/Directors Brampton ACCCC
By The Editors
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The following is a list of the Executive/Directors & Key Contacts for Brampton Region ACCCC for 2019


President                     Mary Tarsitano              
Vice President             Doug Hewitt                
Secretary      Lynda Eeles
Treasurer                     Jackie Jeffery      
Membership                Ted Jeffery  
                                  Ken Eeles               
                                  Don Jackson
                            Nancy Jackson
Key Contacts
Reflector Reporter        Yvonne Eeles             
National Reporter         Ted Jeffery               
Sunshine Reporter        Larry Ritchie              
Newletter/Web Editors  Bob/Suzanne McGugan
For contact or other information about Executive/Directors & Key Contacts, contact Club President Mary Tarsitano at marytarsitano52@gmail.com.
For information about the Brampton ACCCC Newsletter or this web-site, contact Bob McGugan at bmcgugan@rogers.com or 905 453-5495.

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