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Brampton Region is one of 13 Regions of the Antique and Classic Car Club of Canada (ACCCC). The Antique and Classic Car Club of Canada was established in 1956 as a non-profit Historical Society to further the interest and knowledge of historic, antique and classic vehicles 20 years and older and associated material and to encourage the ownership, restoration and preservation of such vehicles.

Brampton Region has been an active Region of the club since 1985. We are a family oriented club and enjoy driving tours and related social events throughout the year.

While our focus is on vehicles 20 years and older, original or restored and not obviously altered, it is not a prerequisite that you own a vehicle to become a member of the club – just be interested in our philosophy and enjoy having fun. Modified cars are allowed to join in Brampton Region events, however they are not allowed to participate in National events.

All cars participating in club events must meet club safety standards and are checked at an annual, pre-season, complimentary touring inspection in Brampton.

Events - Brampton ACCCC


What do members do?

During the "Driving season"...

Brampton Region members organize and participate in numerous car-related activities each year, including several visits to Seniors, Retirement and Assisted Living Residences, and a 3 day Fall Tour to enjoy the beauty of the season.

Brampton Region also participates in several local Cruise Nights, and hosts a special Cruise Night at Shopper’s World in Brampton the last week of August to collect toys for “Toys for Tots”.

Members regularly travel to weekend shows and events throughout the Central and Southern Ontario areas. Also, members often organize local one day or weekend car tours for all members to participate in.

Members also participate in ACCCC National events, including a week long Tour to Yesteryear hosted on a rotating basis by the ACCCC Regions, and the Annual General Meeting.

Click on the arrow in the picture beside this section to see a video of 50 Classic Cars being escorted out of town by the Fergus Fire Department during an ACCCC Tour to Yesteryear hosted by Brampton Region.

During the "Off Road Season"...

Club members participate in indoor meetings, monthly breakfasts, and other group events such as a Games & Pizza Night and a Christmas Party where toys are collected for distribution to the less fortunate.

Details of all Driving and Off-Season events are detailed in the Brampton Region newsletter distributed to all members each month.

History - Brampton ACCCC


Brampton Region was formed in June 1985. Rod Richards, who had moved from Mississauga, phoned a number of car enthusiasts to see if they would like to form this new region. They were Doug Howard, Dave and Claire Farrow, Ed Thornton, Don (Vice President) and Marion (Secretary) Partrick, Rod (President) and Barb Richards, Bev (Treasurer) and Marion Genoe, Ted (Membership) and Jackie Jeffery. Rod, as the founding President, served until the end of 1987.

Meetings were initially held in the homes of individual members. After many years, as the membership grew, a new location had to be found and we moved to a meeting room below a restaurant. We met there for three years and decided to look for a brighter and more comfortable place. Meetings are now held in a Brampton Minor Hockey Association boardroom. For the use of this room, the club sponsors one of the minor hockey teams each year.

The Brampton Region started weekly cruise nights in 1987 at Burger King on Queen St. East. When this location became too small, we moved further East on Queen St. to Restaurant row. By this time the Brampton Street Rods club was formed and we joined together to run the cruise night. It was decided to change location, to a larger location, at KingsPoint Plaza on Main St. North. After three years, this location also became too small so we moved to Shoppers World Mall at 499 Main St. South, where we still meet every Tuesday from early May until the mid-September.

In December of 2006, the Mississauga Region voted to close the door on their Region and a great number of members joined the Brampton Region, which contributed to a stronger and fun Brampton Region.

The following is a list of those who served as President: Rod Richards, Don Partrick, Bill Burkett, Bob Gasson, Bob Robinson, Betty Dodd, Dave Farrow, Bill Ash, Ted Jeffrey, John Luscombe, Mary Tarsitano

The following are founding members and still belong to Brampton Region: Ted and Jackie Jeffery, Bev and Marion Genoe

Communication - Brampton ACCCC


All members are invited to attend informative club meetings where the business of the club is dealt with, input is solicited for future tours and get-togethers, and to hear interesting guest speakers. This is also where much of the planning takes place for events such as Games & Pizza Night, Christmas Party etc.

Brampton Region also has an active newsletter, “The Steering Column”, which provides up-to-date details of upcoming events, reports and photos of prior month’s events and other information of interest to the members. It is distributed to all members monthly.

ACCCC National also hosts an active Facebook Group incorporating photos of tours and event updates from all Regions.

Each member also receives a copy of the ACCCC National magazine “The Reflector”, three times per year, that includes updates from all regions as well as National events and articles of general interest to members.

Membership - Brampton ACCCC


Join us

The Brampton Region of the ACCCC welcomes members from the Brampton, Mississauga and surrounding GTA West region of Ontario who have an interest in historic, antique and classic vehicles. While we enthusiastically promote and enjoy vehicles 20 years and older, original or restored and not obviously altered, you do not need to own a classic or antique vehicle to join the club.

  • Do you have a passion for antique and classic cars, whether you own one or not?
  • Have you ever wanted to talk to other people who share the same passion?
  • Have you ever considered joining a classic car club, but don’t know how to get involved?
  • Do you live in the Brampton, Mississauga or surrounding GTA West area?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you might consider joining, “The Antique & Classic Car Club of Canada (ACCCC) Brampton Region” The club’s annual membership fee is less than the cost of a tank of gas – $50.00 (per family). FOR MEMBERSHIP INQUIRIES OR TO JOIN, PLEASE CONTACT OUR MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY

Ted Jeffery 905 457-3584 [email protected]
Contacts - Brampton ACCCC


For Membership Information/Inquiries:

Ted Jeffery – [email protected] 905-457-3584

For Other Information/Inquiries:

Bob McGugan – [email protected] 905-453-5495

ACCCC National Official Website: